Friday, January 18, 2008

Good, cheap fun

The message began: "Hello my Family and Friends..."

And it contained an intriguing request from my cousin Jamie:

I want to compile a quick set of things to do when I want to spend money, but shouldn't spend money. Take a brief moment to shoot out an idea of something free or very cheap (under $5) of things to do. Please help me ... my spending has gotten out of control and I am trying to remind myself that I don't need to spend money to have fun.
I love challenges like this: Be creative within certain parameters.

Here's what I sent back:
  • Walk through a cemetery and read the headstones. The older the cemetery, the more fascinating it can be
  • Give your cat or dog a massage
  • Read your cousin's blog: HedyBlog (sorry, had to do it)
  • If you live in Chicago you can visit the Garfield Park Conservatory; it's especially delightful in the middle of winter. Free admission.
  • Make a mix CD for someone you love from your music library
  • Write a letter to the editor of the local paper to educate people on a topic you care about
  • Make a list of every person you've slept with, then burn it.
  • Attend a service/mass/whatever at a church or synagogue or other place of worship. I go to Old St. Pat's just west of the Loop in Chicago occasionally, it's very peaceful. I'm not religious at all but it helps me understand the folks who are a little better.
  • Flip through a dictionary
  • Update your resume. Not fun so much, but time well spent.
  • Go out and get your favorite candy from when you were a kid. Think about the first time you had it. Smile. For me it was Whoppers.
  • Bounce a ball against a wall until someone complains
  • Climb a tree
  • Get picture postcards from your town. Write "Wish you were here" on them. Send them out to all your friends, near and far.
  • Look up an old high school teacher or coach or college professor and send them a thank you note for making a difference in your life.
That's all I have. Any more ideas for good, cheap fun?
I am listening to: Fergie - Clumsy
I am reading: World Without End - Ken Follett (keeps getting better every day)
And I am: Good, cheap fun



Go to the Dollar store and walk out with five items-no matter how silly you feel buying saran wrap from that store...

Go get coffee at Mcdonalds on Monday's it's free...

Vist the humane society on adoption days to look at the animals...(or a pet store and ask to play with a puppy)

Look through the weekly grocer sales ads and see if you can find things from the competing lists that you'll eat that are on sale. Stick to that list.(or just compete with yourself) by saving more money each week by cutting coupons and only buying the things that you'll need..

Ask permission to sell Hedy's Christmas gift of the WhositswhatsitohDrSeussslug.

Your idea's are much more creative, Hedy!

Dave said...

"[You are]: good cheap fun." I always knew it. Ah, the memory, Whoppers.

For your cousin, rent some old movies from the bargain rack.

Posolxstvo said...

Sorry. I guess I'm in a mood.
Knock over a liquor store.
Give yourself a tattoo with a hunting knife and a bic pen.
Borrow someone's cell phone and try to crank call the white house.
Work out obsessively till you look like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 (if you are female) or Edward Norton in American History X (if you are male).
Go to the local Circuit City and ask dumb questions about the computers.
Go trash picking.

That's all I got right now.

Babis said...

If you really want to have fun just talk to me!

And I'm free! (Except if I feed you)

Or you could meet my sister babot or my cousin babel!

the dilf said...

hmmm.....what's cheap and fun????
-Did getting laid cross anyone's mind????
-How about going for a bike ride, or a run? Seriously, getting in a little workout makes everyone feel better
-Going to the Library is usually pretty interesting...even if you hate reading, the people watching is pretty good...who knows, maybe you'll find someone who needs some ass too!
-hit a bucket of golf balls
-How about joining Big Brothers/Big sisters...and help a little kid out...I did it for 10 yrs and made a HUGE difference in a kids life. All they want is some attention and guidance. My little bro was 8 yrs old and had barely ever left his neighborhood. Taking him to Pinball Pete's and giving him $5, made his whole week. He's 20 now and lives in Indiana. I still talk to him every month. He's 6'5" and 250 lbs, and still tells me he loves me everytime I talk to him.

Hedy said...

Babis! Welcome BACK to you and your tiny bear family! You, my dear friends, are the BEST kind of free fun. xoxoxo.