Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mentally mugged

Somebody’s gonna steal your bag. You need to hold on tight. Keep the wallet/keys/phone in the coat. Back up the Mac. Somebody’s gonna steal your bag.

These are the odd thoughts that have been crowding my gourd for the past two weeks. In fact, it’s all I’m thinking during the walks to and from the train stations in Aurora and Chicago.

There’s no rational explanation.

I haven’t heard or read stories of anyone being mugged at either end of my commute.
Of course there’s a rational explanation for it.

Two weeks ago I switched to my other computer bag, the one with the two short handles and no shoulder strap. I was tired of the way the backpack looked and felt and the other bag is lighter and easier to manage.

It’s also lighter and easier for someone to grab, if they were so inclined.
Last night a huge cop was stationed in the vestibule at the Jackson Street entrance to Union Station.

We're talking Huge. A Wall of Blue Beef.

He was yelling, “Watch your bags, ladies!” at the commuters rushing by.

This morning I switched back to the backpack.
The fact is, my irrational fear of being mugged had nothing to do with that beefy cop telling us to watch out. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed him if I hadn’t a) switched bags and b) been paranoid about losing it ever since.

Our minds tend to see only the things that reinforce our thoughts and beliefs.
I am listening to: Flo Rida - Low
I am reading: World Without End – Ken Follett
And I am: Safe


Susan's Snippets said...

Would that be similar to when you buy a new car and you feel so good and unique in your own little brain and then you suddenly start noticing 500 cars that are just the same?


Judy said...

Female's a beautiful thing.

Hedy said...

Judy! You hit it - there's an intuition or gut feeling thing at play here that there's just no way of explaining (rationally). But it's never failed me in 40 years. Oops, 41 years. Yikes.

the dilf said... me you will NOT get mugged. I guarantee it!
For 20 yrs I keep hearing a little voice say "You will be 2 smokin hot p*rnstars...that will make you do AWFUL AWFUL things to them!"

Hasn't happened :(