Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The unforgivable phone peeve

That irritating, unmistakable sound starts low and gets louder: Doodledee doodleDEE DOODLEDEE.



In a funeral home.

Two different people. Three calls.

Three times, in the quiet, somber minutes right before the multi-department firefighter walk through.

We’re human. We make mistakes. Forgetting to turn your phone to vibrate for funerals and movies and weddings is not an offense punishable by death.


But three times? C’mon people.

The first time your phone rings, you quickly switch it to vibrate or better still, off. Then you look around with that embarrassed, I’m-a-Pathetic-Idiot look on your face.

Hearing someone else make the unforgivable phone mistake typically prompts others in the vicinity to check their phones, ensuring we’re all in silent mode.

See? If we all work together, there should be no reason for three times in less than five minutes.

It's about respect. Consideration for others. Common fucking decency, people.
Lucky for them, these chuckleheads were hidden in the crowd.

Lucky for me, too, because beating someone to death with their Blackberry would’ve been somewhat disrespectful.

On the other hand, we’re in a funeral home surrounded by literally hundreds of firefighters and police officers grieving the loss of their fallen brother.

I’m guessing this particular crowd would understand.

And look the other way while the first ever Murder by Mobile Phone victim bleeds quietly in the corner.
I am listening to: Kid Rock – Rock n Roll Jesus (album)
I am reading: Nothing – Finished Follett’s WWE (amazing)
And I am: Still disgusted


Susan said...

On a basics of life level – it is common courtesy – why don't these people get it?

It is a total lack of respect for a man that had the heart of a lion.


molly gras said...

I don't know Hedy, I think the reverent sphere would have been even more disrupted when applause broke out after that Blackberry victim met their due consequence.

Tough call.