Monday, January 14, 2008

Wishing it away

"You know we have Martin Luther King day off, right?" says our office manager.

Nope. Didn't know that. Now I can't think about much else.

The holidays were rather craptastic this year because, for the first time since I worked at McDonald's in high school, I worked both Christmas and New Year's Eve. It sucked.

But MLK day, that's a treat. Never had that off before. So I woke up this morning thinking about how I'll be sleeping in next Monday.

In fact, all I'm thinking about is next weekend. And it's keeping me from being right here, right now.
I am not prone to wishing my life away because quite frankly life is pretty goddamn good most of the time.
But it seems to be happening a lot lately.
The first week in January I was constantly wishing to be in St. Martin with my friend Nelson. We were there in 2005, but I missed the trip in 2006 because of the damn fuck shit hell hurty back thing. And we planned on going back this year, but then the unexpected job change changed all that.
All week long I was thinking about being there, so I wasn't completely here.
A variation on this theme (and this drives me crazy) is tourists who are so busy recording everything on video cameras or camera phones that they never really fully experience the really great time they're having.
It's as if they're obsessed with recording the moment forever - for other people. Kills me.
Do you ever do that? Wish you were somewhere else and miss the moment? Or miss the moment because you're busy trying to record it for someone else to enjoy?
I am listening to: Traffic on Jackson
I am reading: World Without End - Ken Follett
And I am: Trying to be here now


the dilf said...

I spend my whole life wishing it away. I always wish for the weekend. I can't wait til vacation. 42 days til bonus day...and counting. I cant wait til summer. 3 months til golf season. Can't wait to get la*d tonight. Can't wait to get home from this sh*tty business trip. It really never stops..and it really bums me out. My life is racing by me and I really forget to enjoy it.

phatdoggy said...

I actually have quite the opposite problem. I don't take too many pictures, so I don't have memories recorded outside my tiny little head.


molly gras said...

While raising my babies/toddlers -- I was too sleep deprived to really enjoy those times. And honestly all I could do to survive was to wish those days away.