Friday, January 11, 2008

More than Pillars

You've probably noticed I’ve been reading Pillars of the Earth for a couple weeks now. I’m not a slow reader, it’s just a huuuuggge book.

And no, it’s not because of Oprah, a woman who recommends classic books as if she’s the first person on the planet to discover them, almost as if she’s written them herself.

I read Pillars for the first time 15 years ago. I’ve re-visited it two or three times since then; it’s one of those rare books that you actually can read again and again. It’s that good.
“It’s a book about church builders.”

That’s our friend Chris. I made the mistake of recommending Pillars to him after finishing it for the first time. He abandoned it, from what I can recall, somewhere in the middle and has given me a hard time about it ever since.

Of course he’s a book-pussy who prefers James Patterson pabulum on plane rides and quite frankly, Pillars is simply too good for him. (That was me, throwing down the gauntlet in an attempt to get him to give it one more try.)

Sure, it’s a book about church builders.

But it’s a story – an amazing, frustrating, wonderful story with some of the most vivid, memorable characters ever written. Set in twelfth-century England, Pillars is an epic novel that completely immerses you in a very special time and place in history: when average, yet resourceful citizens were inventing new methods of commerce, new manufacturing processes, and of course, newer and more amazing forms of architecture.

Please read this book. You will love it.
I’m revisiting Pillars now because the author Ken Follett finally, finally published a sequel. It’s called World Without End. Santa brought it to me. I just can't wait to dive in.

There are just 30 pages to go in Pillars and then it's on to the new one. Today I planned ahead, carrying more than 6 lbs. of books (nearly 2000 pages) with me to work in anticipation of the train ride home.

Start with Pillars, then read World. You won't regret it.
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I am reading: Pillars
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phatdoggy said...

At the rate I read, the Earth may have destroyed itself by the time I finish. After over a month, I'm about 2/3 through the book you read in a plane ride from Vegas. The book is great. I'm just retarded.


judy said...

You've got me hooked....I just reserved a copy at the library!

the dilf said...

Pillars is a tremendous book...i read it about the same time you did Hedy. I did not know the sequal was out. Thanks for the heads up. Going to start reading Pillars again as soon as I get done with the 1,100 pages of Atlas Shrugs:/

The Book Pussy said...

Since you've read the book a couple times now, you'll know: In twelfth-century England, how exactly did they say "fuck you"?

Book Pussy?

I hesitate to defend myself here but the fact of the matter is I really DON'T care for James Patterson.

I did start to read your precious church-book a few years ago, and....well, let be break it to you gently.... not everyone is spellbound by the really neat characters of twelfth century England (yawn).

However I realize a book has to be pretty damn good before anyone reads it more than once. I knew you were reading it again and figured it might be worth another look. So Pillars was on my must-read list and I've procrastinated picking up a copy. And now you've thrown down the gauntlet and basically left me no choice.

So: I will NOT be reading your f'ing Church Book. Not now. Not any time soon, Not ever.
I will not be manipulated for the sake of blog-fodder.

I am listening to: Nothing
I'm reading: My company policy on email protocol to see how much trouble I'm in for using "fuck" in another email
I am: at peace with the idea of never reading the fucking church book (pillars) again.

Hedy said...

Hey Book Pussy - Guess I hit the big ol' button on that one, eh? Not touchy much, are ya? How much time did you spend writing that comment? An hour? And come clean: You had to look up pabulum, didn't you? By the way, Stellas are on me tonight; I'll bring Pillars to the bar just in case. :)

Dave said...

Great comment BP. Until my just now Google search, I'd thought pablum (TM) was both the baby food and a discriptive noun for insipid media.