Monday, January 28, 2008

The state of our union suit

3,940 dead (and counting) from a war based on a lie.

Oil is $91 a barrel.

And a world teetering on the brink of recession because of our housing crisis.

But hey, somebody's clapping. So he must be saying something worthwhile.

Meanwhile I'm upstairs sorting socks and underwear.

I figured it wasn't fair to criticize Bush's State of the Union address if the state of MY union wasn't in order first.

So I straightened up the house.

Infinitely more gratifying than listening to the Liar in Chief tell us the State of the Union is good, when we know goddamn well it isn't.
I am listening to: The talking heads, telling us what we're going to hear, what we're hearing and what we heard
I am reading: WWE by Ken Follett
And I am: A disgusted American


the dilf said...

Always looking at the negative..

1.) This country has not been attacked since 9/11. Enjoy your security.
You would've shredded Bush if he had done nothing, and then been attacked

2.)Who's to blame for $91 oil? Do you actually believe it's the Government's fault?
It's called market forces!
And don't tell me that if we weren't in Iraq, that oil would be $50. The middle east could've blown up for all we know. Oh yeah...enjoy your SUV

3.) Liar in Chief??.....hmmm, let's get another Clinton in there. I really miss the honesty. And her HUGE ASS!

4.)If you're not even going to watch the State of the Union...don't rip it. Reminds me of the people who hate our gov't, but are too lazy to vote!

your buddy,

Hedy said...

Dilf, you silly little man. 1) This country hasn't been attacked because the terrorists know the world hates us now and doesn't want to make the international community sympathetic to us by attacking again. If you seriously believe Bush and his cronies are personally responsible for our safety/security, you are not only silly but delusional. 2) If Bush hadn't invaded Iraq because of a lie, oil prices wouldn't have gone up. Do you know oil production in Iraq is STILL not where it was before we invaded? So much for the successful surge. And yes, I enjoy the SHIT outta my SUV, so screw you and your stinking Toyota Hybrid. 3) Let's face it, they're all liars. I'll take the Clinton years of pseudo prosperity (we know he wasn't really responsible for any of it, but what the hey) over Bush and crew hate-fucking the middle class any day. 4) I didn't watch it because I knew there would be no surprises. I actually fantasized that everyone was clapping because he said "Listen folks. I apologize. I admit it: I'm a complete idiot who has no business being leader of the free world. Hell, I'd have trouble managing a Taco Bell. So I'm going home now and I'm taking Cheney with me. You guys can duke it out over who should lead. God bless and good night."

the dilf said...

You're a JERK!

molly gras said...

Hedy -

You're a goddess.

And have I told you recently that I would vote for you if you ran for President.

PS - tell Dilf to suck balls