Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting it straight

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday.

My favorite was submitted by brave little Anonymous. I was really hoping someone would pick up on my disingenuous jab at McCain. Thank you. Whoever you are.

"Let me get this straight. You're not contesting that the man spent extra time in a POW camp because he refused to leap-frog other POWs and accept an out-of-sequence repatriation offer...But you are questioning his motivation for doing so? That truly saddens me."

Confession time.

I don’t actually believe that McCain passed up a Get Out of Hell Free card for political gain.

I can believe a lot of bad things about politicians – hell, John Edwards and his wife were willing to jeopardize the entire democratic process earlier this year – but I don’t believe McCain was focused on anything beyond surviving his time in Hanoi.


Here’s my point: How is what I said any different from the right-wing whack-jobs claiming Obama is a Muslim terrorist?

The fact is, both are extreme, ridiculous claims with no basis in reality or fact.

But if my pseudo-cynicism about McCain saddens you, then good. As that brainiac Bush would say, Mission Accomplished.

Because what saddens me more than anything is when people don’t bother to investigate the facts before spewing garbage about political candidates.
I am listening to: Songbird - Fleetwood Mac
I am reading: The Autobiography of Henry VIII by Margaret George
And I am: Sad, too.



I had tears while watching the DNC last night, especially when Jackson Jr began hugging everyone for peace---first time I ever saw that--and personally, I doubt they were acting. Perhaps they're all still ticked about issues with OHARE or the other Illinois/Chicago issues that loom between those guys--but they hugged.
I cried.

Felt like I just came out of watching the Never Ending Story.

I didn't catch that point you made yesterday with the McCain POW but then again, as I've mentioned before, politics has a tendency to fog my brain...As much as I always preferred Obama over any possible candidate, I too at one point believed that his religion of choice was Muslim...but for me it didn't bother me--

my confession is that I was too ignorant not to research it-and that was AFTER Google-but it didn't bother me. Just like it didn't bug me when it "came out" that Mitt was a Mormon, for me that stuff just doesn't matter. Maybe perhaps because of how often religious differences personally impacts my household :)

No matter, I cried.


(sorry for being longwinded)

Moe Wanchuk said...

u mentioned (the usual) "tax cuts for the wealthy."

Since the wealthy wake up everyday and work for an entire 7 months to pay Uncle Sam, which you obviously believe is a scam, how many months do you believe they should work for the gov't? 8...9...10? Just curious.

And Grommie... You sure have a lot to say for someone who's never/rarely had a job....other than..maybe getting the newspaper. But I guess it's the American way.

Hedy said...

HEY. Grommie has plenty of jobs - he guards the yard, keeps the pool clear of toys/noodles and lets me know when it's time to make the bed. And since he's learned how to type on the computer, he's been updating his resume. Moe, if he'd had the opportunity to go to a fancy Big Ten school like you, maybe he'd be complaining about how the suffering elite pay too much taxes. Oh and Gromit NEVER gets the newspaper. That's Jim's job.

Anonymous said...

You said: Here’s my point: How is what I said any different from the right-wing whack-jobs claiming Obama is a Muslim terrorist?.....

The difference is; you're smarter than the right-wing whack jobs… I thought you were also smarter than the left-wing whack jobs.