Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two choices

The way I see it, you have two choices: You can vote for McCain – a tired, angry old man who represents the party that plunged us into the worst economic crisis of our time, not to mention a war based on nothing but lies and greed that has killed thousands of American soldiers.

Or you can vote for Obama – an intelligent, patriotic young man who represents a break from politics as usual, a break from our disgracefully racist history, and a break from an economic policy that has helped the rich get richer over the past eight years.

But Hedy! Obama will tax the crap out of our businesses. If we don’t elect McCain, companies like mine will simply shut down.


All of the brilliant Bush/Cheney tax cuts for the wealthy and tax breaks for big business have done what for us? C’mon. They’re economic morons. Admit it.

The Republicans – who claim to really understand finances, ironically enough – have done nothing but increase our debt and lower our standard of living since they’ve been in office.

But go ahead, vote for McCain if you want more of the same.
Hedy! You call Obama patriotic when McCain is the veteran and former POW? Shameful! Show some respect!

Yes, being a veteran is the ultimate patriotic trump card, isn’t it? McCain deserves respect for the sacrifices he made for our country. No question on that.

However. Being a veteran is not the only way to define what it means to believe in your country.

Because of Obama’s history – because of his heritage – and because of his accomplishments, I believe that he understands more about what this country means to regular folks like you and me, than McCain ever could.

McCain is just like Bush. He got where he is because of his family, because of the privileged life he lead, and ultimately because of his connections (and don’t get me started on what uber-wealthy wife #2 has done for him.)

I know, I know.

As a POW, McCain could’ve used his connections to get out earlier than the rest of his men – he chose not to. Maybe because it was the right thing to do. Or maybe because he didn’t want it coming back to haunt him in his political career. We’ll never know, will we?

Obama got where he is through good old-fashioned hard work. And intelligence. And a willingness to make sacrifices to make a difference in the lives of others. He believes in everything this country stands for because he’s lived it and benefited from it and ultimately, his children will benefit from it.

Being a patriot isn’t something you can inherit. It’s not something you can assimilate by simply knowing the right people.

It’s an effort.

And as far as patriotic efforts go, McCain and Obama are more than equals.

Vote for McCain if you want more of the same.

It almost has the same ring as 'Be a Moe Ho'. I like it.
But I’m a one-issue voter, Hedy. I’m pro-life. And McCain is my man.

Okay. What has the Republican Party done for you on that issue, really?

They’ve held more sway over the Supreme Court than the Democrats, by far.

And yet Roe v. Wade still stands.

Here’s my theory: Republicans love, love, LOVE you pro-lifers because you’ll give and give and give ‘til it hurts in hopes that abortion someday will be illegal again.

It ain’t happening. As long as abortion is legal, people like you will support Republicans, who care more about being re-elected than about the Right to Life. But go ahead, continue to support these folks. Sure.

To summarize: The Republicans take your money and do nothing.

Don’t you want to at least give the Democrats a shot at taking your money for a change? Who knows what could happen? And you’d be no worse off, that’s for sure.
“I stopped forwarding you stuff about Obama so we won’t argue,” says Mom this morning.

“Like what?” I say, knowing what’s in store.

“Well, that he’s a Muslim.”


Like I asked Mom, I’ll ask all of you: Please, please focus on what the candidates say and not what others say about them.

And please, rather than relying on the endless stream of crap forwarded from people too lazy and too shortsighted to care about the truth, do your homework.

Care more about your country and your way of life than to trust it to anonymous, fear-mongering assholes who have a vested interest in keeping things just the way they are by keeping you desperate and afraid.

I would also ask that you focus on what’s really important. Things that will have a direct impact on your family, your work, your lifestyle, and ultimately your freedom.

Things like our piss-poor economy. The deficit. Our antiquated energy policy. The war in Iraq. Healthcare. The environment.

I don’t give a fig if Obama worships the God of Bacon Bits and Oreos.

Is he more capable and more committed than McCain when it comes to making a difference for you and me? Yes.

Two choices. Care enough to make the right one. Please.
I am listening to: Walk This World - Heather Nova
I am reading: Neil Steinberg
And I am: Worshiping the God of Bacon Bits and Oreos


wafelenbak said...

Third party! Third party! Third party!!!

Dave said...

I want to see what Grommit does with the bacon bits thing.

Susan said...

Hedy - I am going to vote for Obama based on the dire necessity for change...but I swear if he turns out to be another “what-we-have-become-accustom-to” politician – where it is all about saying the right thing and then changing your tune and screwing us royal once you get elected....I, Susan Snippets, will be a candidate in the next Presidential election.

“Vote for Susan Snippets – I might actually do what I say!!”

Will be my one of my campaign slogans.

At least it would be honest and true.

I’d vote for me – would you?

Moe Wanchuk said...

Hedy, as you know, I Am voting for McCain. I like things about both candidates. I dislike things about both candidates. I hate taxes and I hate being thown into the "spoiled rich" group. After paying federal,state,property, and sales taxes I believe I work thru the month of July for
the govt. I believe that is plenty. Don't attack me because I work hard and make a good living for myself and my family. Don't tell me I don't pay my fair share.

I'm not a big fan of politics and I try to make it a minimal part of my life.

What I dislike about your comments today is/are the bitterness and hatred you display. It's a common theme I see among the left. They still fight incessantly among themselves. It's a huge turnoff. I'm not saying the right doesn't have it's fair share of bitter humans, but it needs to stop.

It's not just our govt that causes all the problems, it's the people too. Lazy people. Greedy financial wizzards. 75% of our country will vote for the candidate that GIVES him/her the Most! I see that as pathetic. "What can the govt Give Me?". Sad.

Am I happy with the Bush Admin?... No
They're just like the typical American. Fiscally irresponsible. I can't stand it.

Maybe I'm rambling, as I'm trying to type this on my elitist iPhone while I work, but I believe you can relay your opinions in a more positive way. Give people like myself (republicrats) an upbeat reason why to vote for Obama without attacking others.


Anonymous said...

How dare you bad mouth one of our great patriots? What gives you the right?! I am ashamed to call you my friend. And if you want to support the terrorists I don't think you could find a better candidate than someone named Barak Obama. He’s nothing but an uppity elitist! Also, trust me when I say that his tax proposals will shut down the economy. You saw what the economy looked like before the Bush tax cuts… do you want that again! The sky is falling and you can’t seem to pull your head out of the clouds! Where will our wealth “trickle down” from if you tax the bonuses of America’s hard golfing corporate leaders? Do you even think of these things?

Remember, these corporate leaders are our last defense against government interference. They safeguard our free markets… look at the Fannie and Freddie mess… ignorant Americans begged for loans they could not afford and compassionate businesses gave them what they wanted. But no good deed goes unpunished… so the market collapsed.
But in the name of the free market, corporate interests persuaded our government intervene! And in the end the free market was once again - free!

So stop attacking me and my conservative brethren! Now turn on Fox so I can find some positive ideas and validate my opinions!!
Baby killer!


You know who said...

What I REALLY SAID was this:
If that tool-bag was to get EVERYTHING he's preaching, many small/midsized and even large companies would simply go under. What I ALSO said was that even Mr Hope and Change himself is smart enough to know that would never happen, and much of the sewage that spews from the podium is nothing more than propaganda to get the uneducated and ill-informed in an uproar and believing that rich people and big business are the root of all evil.
I could debate everything in a point/counter point style, but in the end you'll never convince me and I know I'll never convince you…and it's your blog.
When I start my own blog dedicated to educating all you libs, I'm thinking about calling it:
"Jane, You Ignorant Slut….."

Cindiloo said...

Hedy, I have to agree with Moe, a more positive message is the way to go if you are trying to reform us republicans. Because of the tone and heat used to relay your message, I stopped reading after the second paragraph. Sorry, this one was a little too much for my taste.

molly gras said...

Well, I'm not all that interested in raging negative political debates ...

But what I am interested in is seeing pictures of that Oreo and bacon bit alter I know you've got constructed in your sun room!

Posolxstvo I said...

Isn't it great the way politics brings out the best in everyone?

But here's the deal -- neither McCain nor Obama, nor even Clinton, are the latest reincarnation of the anti-christ or anything. They are not evil people.

But they are all politicians.

They all lie.

They all employ double speak.

They all tell you what you want to hear while figuring out which gap between which of your ribs their stilletto will enter the easiest.

They all act like your best friend for the 25 seconds you might have to meet them in person. And then they don't give you a single second thought after that.

And they are all human beings just trying to do the best job they know how to do.

Do I sound cynical? Maybe I am. A cynic is merely an idealist who has been confronted with reality.

So, I honestly do not believe it matters which one of them gets the presidency. Unless you are a one issue voter, in the end, either one has his good and bad points.

That said, I'll probably vote for Obama, if for no other reason than I think it's about time to have a non-WASP -- any non-WASP -- as president. In that regard, if he were a muslim, that would just sweeten the pot for me.

Stupid reasoning? Maybe. Me not care.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. You're not contesting that the man spent extra time in a POW camp because he refused to leap-frog other POWs and accept an out-of-sequence repatriation offer...But you are questioning his motivation for doing so?
That truly saddens me.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Hey Mom...You gave birth to a Commie! And she's giving the Clem a bad name!

Anonymous said...

Why must the uninformed constantly resort to the ‘liberal vs. conservative’ dichotomy? These dichotomy’s flourish because it's the most effective way for the radio jerks to line up the ill-informed to their side. It is nonsense… and I commend you for not going there.
Finally, some folks speak as if the privileged are beyond criticism... paaalease. I would bag on the poor if they had any say in how our government ran but clearly they don’t.
Speaker of the Dog House

Anonymous said...

Someone said this - "If that tool-bag was to get EVERYTHING he's preaching, many small/midsized and even large companies would simply go under."

This is the oldest tiredest republican tactic in the books... if a company goes out of business because of Obama's policies that company wasn't worth a crap in the first place... in fact it was probably government subsidized.
This is the same lame logic that said "do not elect Clinton"... and our economy rocked under that horny b*stard...
Finally, Clinton should have stepped down when he was impeached... we would not be in the mess we are now in if he had.
Bush is Clinton's legacy... sad.
Now I'm off to the kitchen to make some of my famous "Bacon Cake"

Dave said...

Depending on your purpose, you've succeeded Hedy.

Way too many Anons.

I'm not sure which way I'm going in the election. It won't be McCain. It won't be Barr, I know too much about him and his not really Libertarian views. The question is will I sit it out, or vote for Obama.

What I'm now thinking about is whether there's much of a difference in the amount that GOPpers have spent, aided by Dems in the last two years, and what Dems on their probably own, in the next two to four years will spend. Probably a wash and I might like some of the excess spending by the Dems. Just saying.

And Grom, can we have the recipe?


politics aren't my friend because most views on either party always seem to parallel each other in one way or are right with abortion with the won't change..they're just dangling it above our heads like bacon cakes,...someone told me recently that they're trying to compare McCain as the closest republican that represents a democrat. what? because he doesn't want to tax the middle and lower class and raise the taxes on the upper class.

seriously, it's all promises and gut instinct..I've often thought to myself that politics and religious beliefs are quite similar...everyone believes in something, for some it pans out and for others not so much, but you just have to look at what your gut instinct is and what you believe in.
Match it up and which ever comes the closest there you go.

Obama I have liked since meeting him during a parade years ago in our town...there's energy.

So I ask you: you're in a classroom with the smartest most educated man that has been through hell to get into this classroom, and yet when he attempts to teach you, it's challenging to grasp his lectures, it's difficult to understand his grading curve because he's always changing it, not to mention he claims he'll give you extra credit on your tests but come test day--nada.

OR, the new out of college professor that may not use the big words as well as the elder down the hallway, but when he teaches people learn, and they enjoy learning and his tests although still a test, you go into it with a much better feeling of passing and not failing. You fear failure with the dude down the hall..this guy, nope. He may be young, he may be more at risk for ticking people off with his ways of educating, but who do you learn the most from?

For me, it's the young energetic easy to understand teacher.
For some, The elder down the hall.

Just vote--at least that's something everyone should all agree on.

Anonymous said...

Miss quote.....I didn't say that Obama was a Mulim, I said I heard he was a Muslim. And as far as the comments go today, I agree with Posolxstov, Cindiloo, and Moe. I guess that makes me a Moe Ho.

Hedy said...

Thanks for all the great comments.

Susan: Yes, I would vote for you. But only if you run on the platform or Oreos and bacon bits.

Moe: Luke 12:48. Shaddap.

YKW: We both know that no one's going outta business based on who gets elected. And you're right, he's saying what he needs to say in order to get elected.

Cindy/Moe/Anon: Not bitter. Just angry. I don't understand why you're not.

POS: I cried today listening to this historic event. No matter who you support, this is a truly historic, fabulous moment.

Crusty: Excellent analogy. Loved it.

Thanks again to everyone for being here today.