Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The way it's meant to be

When things are good, it's easy to forget how miserable you were.

Walking into the office today, I remembered that dark and dreadful feeling I'd get going to that other place. It was a smokey, dirty, depressing and dysfunctional environment. Not to mention the fear of getting screamed at for no reason every day. Hard to believe I lasted six months.

Now I walk into my clean, airy, fun, positive office -- with no worries beyond how to do more today than I did yesterday for these fine folks. Better still, we're not only growing, but thriving, in spite of the crap economy.

Since it was entirely serendipitous finding this place, I'm noodling lately on how everything happens for a reason and how (perhaps) being in this new place was meant to be.

It seems like everything finally clicked back into place when I came here. This is a feeling I've been waiting on for nearly four years.

Have you ever had that feeling? That ahhhh, sigh-filled feeling when everything goes back to being right and good again? Maybe it was when you had your first child. Maybe it was when you found your spouse. Or the right job. Or a house that finally felt like home.

That's where I am right now. And it's cool.
I am listening to: The Way Life is Supposed to Be - Bob Schneider
I am reading: Nothing much
And I am: Joyful


wafelenbak said...

That's awesome. I've definitely been in the "fear of being screamed at" position and it is NO fun.
Though I am tremendously curious what industry you're in that is thriving...I thought ours was recession-proof and it's turning out not to be...

Susan said...

Hedy -

Glad to read that your journey has brought you to a well-deserved and appreciated place.

it's a long, slow laboring walk - not a race

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are happy Hedy... it makes me happy to know you are happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm already pretty happy anyway but I guess happiness is something that can be contagious. So even though I’m happy, your happiness only makes me happier. I guess you could say I am awash in happiness. Hmmm… when you think about it, happiness is not like a pie or oil… I mean it’s not like it’s a limited resource… I guess happiness is one of those things that can be unlimited if we will only let it… it’s like the stars and the universe… and so are you Hedy… and I love you… and Jim… I hope I make you guys happy too…


Moe Wanchuk said...

I'd do anything to feel like that. Maybe soon.

Woulda liked to hire u.... We need a nice rack around here


Yes I have had that feeling and when the halls of life have grown dark during certain points of my life, the good news is that I can look forward to feeling like that again.

glad you're in a good place!! --and to think you have a doggie that can type, fantastic!


Dave said...

Yeah, but it takes away a bit of the edge. What was his name? Turd?

Hedy said...

Hi Waf! Thanks so much for being here...I'm in IT services. I don't think it's the industry that is thriving so much as the company. Plenty of bad news all around us, yet we're growing. Go figure.

Thanks for the kind words, folks. Especially you, Gromit. Best Dog Ever.

Moe: You couldn't afford me. Or my rack.

Dave: Yep, the turd. From what I understand, he left shortly after I did. Something about "rats on a sinking ship." :)