Friday, October 24, 2008

My favorite s-word

Here's someone accusing McCain of being a socialist eight years ago. She's a student from Moe's alma mater, no less (wait for it):

Please note: I did not call John McCain a socialist.

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show did, using irony and humor.

The fact is, Obama and McCain aren't socialists.

They're both outstanding Americans - who have done far more with their lives than you or I could ever hope to - and who have very different ideas about how to best serve their country and its citizens.

If we could get beyond the outrageous accusations, we might just be able to figure out who is best qualified to lead the free world for the next four years.

Wouldn't that be lovely?
I am listening to: Who Knew - Pink
I am reading: Neil at the Sun-Times
And I am: Still giggling over the whole sheep f*@cker thing


Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy -

Politics make people insane!

It has gotten volatile in talking with my Mother (REPUBLICAN) about this election - so volatile in fact, this past Monday she told me during a phone conversation that turned to Sarah Palin and her credentials, that she wishes ill fortune on my daughter/her granddaughter in regard to a certain relationship, if I vote for THAT guy!

How do I respond to that?

I am contemplating, once this election is over, and we, as a family, are gathered around the Thanksgiving table...discussing religion or maybe abortion rights.

round 2 - thanksgiving fights

Hedy said...

Yep, I hear ya. And I can't help wondering: Who would Christ vote for?