Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The perfect sandwich

“So I read your blog. You’re not going to write about politics or religion anymore?”

That was Mom on the way to the train this morning.

“Nope. Not until I can figure out how to do it without being offensive.”

“Well that’s good,” she says.

“Yeah, we’ll see how long it lasts.”
Watching late night TV on Monday, it hit me: The ingredients for the perfect sandwich.

The perfect sandwich, Hedy? Is this what it’s come to? Recipes?

Right. I don’t cook.

Last night I turned off the oven light All By Myself and received a standing ovation from Jim and our friend You Know Who.

To be perfectly honest they didn’t exactly stand up. Or clap. But it was a proud culinary moment nonetheless.

Anyhow. Just because I don’t know my way around the kitchen doesn’t mean I don’t know what tastes good.

So here ya go:

Hedy’s Recipe for the Perfect Sandwich

1) Russell Crowe
2) Craig Ferguson


You were expecting bread and condiments, not beefcake? C’mon.

The idea of Craig and Russell making a Hedy sammich is sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day.

Well, at least since yesterday.

Before then it was more of a Craig Ferguson flat-bread pizza with a smidge of extra virgin olive oil. And a banjo.
Hedy, your sandwich seems a little meat-heavy, won’t that be rather, um, filling?


Bon appétit!
I am listening to: Don’t Tell Me - Madonna
I am reading: Here Comes Everybody – The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky
And I am: Hungry


LBB said...

I think with Russell Crowe, you have to be more specific. If you're expecting Gladiator, and you wind up with The Insider, it might not be so satisfying.

Dave said...

Off point, you're back on Moe's Blogroll.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Russell Crowe is 5 ft 4".....he's like a White Castle burger

How about a 6'2" Moe sammich?.....more like an Arby's Big Montana

Posolxstvo I said...

Also off point -- you're on Moe's blogroll, but Dave still isn't.

(I'm telling you Dave, it's because you aren't a woman. Moe's got a regular Blog harem going on over there. He's doing his best Andrew Dice Clay imitation, and the women are just eating it up. WTF?! Did I miss a memo or something?)

Hedy said...

Good point, LBB. Definitely Gladiator.

Thanks for the update on Moe's blogroll, Dave...I stopped checking. Don't tell Moe.

Hedy: 'Moe, you're not 6'2"'
Moe: 'So?'

And Pos, you're totally right about Moe's harem. He seems to like chicks better than dudes. I think real men intimidate him.

you know who said...

Turning off the oven light all by yourself would have been much more impressive, had you not paused -ever so briefly - eyes scanning the control pad of the mysterious hot-box in the wall, looking for confirmation that you did it correctly.
Never the less, I was proud of you.