Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sad dog

This is what a very sad dog looks like when his favorite person has been gone to Europe for two weeks.
I am listening to: The furnace running
I am reading: Neil at the Sun-Times
And I am: Really wishing it was Friday


taxman said...

Listening to the furnace running? Come on Hedy, this is your big chance to rule the stereo. I know you can do better than the furnace.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he is ever coming back. I just know it. I will never see him again.

Oh my. What will happen to me and Hedy. I just don't kow if I can be strong enough for the two of us.

I should have been a better dog. I'm sure it was because I misbehaved!


archie bunker said...

your favorite person went to Europe? I see Moe right now -- he's not in Europe.

Hedy said...

Taxman: you're right...although I've had complete control of the remote, which is nice. Daily Show every night rather than local news. So much better.

Grommie! If he's not coming back, it's because of me, not you. And trust me, he's coming back. Only 24 hours, buddy, and you'll be playing frisbee, smoking a nice European-purchased Cuban, and then snoozing by the bonfire. :)

Archie! Don't tell Moe, but he's only my second favorite person. It would crush him if he knew. And thank you for still being here. :)

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Oh boy! Frisbee! That's... I knew it. I knew he wouldn't leave us! I told you he'd come back Hedy. See Hedy... you just have to have faith! Wow... this is great... when he gets back I'm gonna... oh look a squirrel! See ya!