Saturday, October 11, 2008


Unlike my friend Moe, I have no legitimate excuse for not posting this week.

He's right, you know.

Our lives will change because of what's happening in the global economy.

Although you wouldn't know it. The parking lot was jammed as usual at the Chicago Premium Outlet off of I-88 this afternoon.

And there was an hour wait at the restaurant we went to last night - so we ended up eating at the bar.

So. This means either a) People don't realize how bad things really are or b) They realize and are making themselves feel better in typical American fashion by drinking, eating and shopping.
I am listening to: Freedom Writers
I am reading: Research on Bill Ayers
And I am: Tense


Moe Wanchuk said...

I think people are completely Clueless!



well, they do say that the further we go into economic downfall, the more the liquor and tobacco business will flourish (and shoe repair places too)

Buy your stock in Budweiser, and say so long to AIG those greedy f*@kers!

personally though, anyone that stupid to still be shopping, shouldn't be given the rights to complain when their house goes into foreclosure--unless they just were awarded a beautiful new parachute. :)