Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where I'm from

Pet peeve #3,874:

"Oh, you're from Michigan? Where?"

"Mount Clemens...well, where I grew up they call it Macomb now."

"Is that near West Bloomfield?"

"Um, no, it's er, northeast of Detroit."

"Oh. I only know people from West Bloomfield."


If you haven't guessed, West Bloomfield is where all the 'My car is worth more than your home' people live.

Makes me feel like I'm in that scene from Caddyshack when the wealthy kid says 'Really...are you going to Harvard?' and Danny replies 'No, I'm going to St. Copias of northern. . .'


What really kills me is this: Michigan is a HUGE state. Huge.
I am listening to: Round Here - Counting Crows
I am reading: Updates to my event wiki
And I am: From the CLEM, dammit!


wafelenbak said...

Here's the one I love:
-I grew up in a tiny little town in Ohio.
-Oh, it's really small. You've probably never heard of it. It's near Cleveland.
-My (aunt, uncle, cousin, dog, long lost stepbrother) is from Cleveland! Now where are you from?
-(Gives name of town)
-Oh. Never heard of it.

*Cue bursting blood vessels*


sounds like you're talking about 50% of the girls I attended HS with--catty little bitches that thought they were the shit because they drove chrysler convertible red Lebarons (??SP)-I mean, COME ON! :)

Do you love where you came from?

...all that matters.

Moe Wanchuk said...

HEY! I grew up in the Clem too.
Once...at the Bus Stop in 7th grade, I got into an argument with some Girl...I think her name was Heather. She told me that if my dad didn't vote for Jimmy Carter, that she'd Kick Me in the B*lls. Well, my dad didn't vote for Carter and I still have a really high voice.
We also had to move from the Clem, due to the humiliation of getting beat up by a girl.
I've never been the same since.

you know who said...

I've never been to West Bloomfield, but I certainly know the type. There's an area near my house where all the Big McGaffers live. They all have big-o-houses with huge yards and swimming pools. And they drive those expensive luxury-land-yachts with moon roofs, heated leather seats and the DVD players. Rich fuckers….

Hedy said...

Waf: I feel your pain.

CB: I REMEMBER those Red LeBarons! Insanity!

Moe: Maybe if I'd kicked you a little harder it would've dislodged your head from your ass and you'd be voting for Obama! :)

YKW: I know that area, too. Snobby folks with their own golf course/clubhouse and cottages in Wisconsin. Rich fuckers....

Susan said...

Hedy - Years ago I worked with a snooty gal, who at lunch overheard a co-worker saying that she was from Homewood/Flossmoor. This led the snoot to say “Which one, Homewood or Flossmoor?"

I honestly always thought Homewood/Flossmoor was the name of the town, I never knew it was two towns and back then Homewood (where the co-worker lived) was the "poor" town and Flossmoor was very affluent.

The snoot ended up getting her dues...she went from a big house in a ritzy section of Chicago to a dump outside of LA.

that's all i'll say

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being rich. I am in fact considered to be rich. And the truth is that we rich are mostly good citizens. That said... there IS something wrong with being rich and constantly complaining about how the poor complain about the rich. Fact is... one need not be poor to be an idiot.
Interestingly, most of the rich people today did not even earn their wealth. (Two-thirds of all this generations wealth was HANDED DOWN from one family member to the next) Most of us have had it handed to us and ironically enough it is this group of rich who are most vocal about preaching hard work and responsibility. To my rich brethren, I say this - If your wealth was handed to you, if you’ve never had a job… shut up about the economy. And please do not preach the value of personal responsibility. Say nothing about taxes. Stay out of any discussion regarding the poor. And please stay out of any discourse on the subject of the economy. Period.
Thank you.
Now… it’s time for me to go and lick my goldmen sacks…

RIP's Photo Edits said...

I'm in the Clem now! lol
I'm one of the only remaining Jews on the east side of Detroit that is under the age of 100. I get the privledge (sarcasm) of being with the rich and better then you croud ever Sunday when I take my daughter to Sunday school in Oak Park. I think they all need a reality check. Jewish or not. Life is not all about them and what they have. And, believe it or not, Life can be really great without a huge amount of money.

My photos of the Clem::

Daijobu des said...

As bitchy as she is and as humble as you are, neither of you live in Michigan so when does the pissing match end?

How juvenile of her.

Posolxstvo I said...

Huh. I thought you were from Grosse Point. You know, after seeing that movie and all.

If it helps, you can think I'm from Bucks County.

Dave said...

You can't out-ghetto me: Dearborn Heights. That's almost Downriver.