Saturday, April 05, 2008

The anti-Christ of chocolate

I'm just gonna throw this out there: White chocolate is the anti-Christ of chocolates.

Think about it.
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I am reading: Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
And I am: Born again


Anonymous said...

No wonder I like white chocolate better than any other, milk, dark or Belgian.


and YOU'RE WOrried about not thinking of anything creative to write? That was awesome!

*but I love white chocolate*
*but it IS AntiChrist of Chocolate*

That's SOooo going to be one of your top google ranks this title! :)


Posolxstvo said...

So. What, then, is the one true chocolate? Milk? Dark? Are we approaching a potential schism here?

I happen to like white chocolate -- memories of white chocolate easter bunnies being toothily beheaded are particularly poignant to me -- but agree that the lack of cocoa liquor in it is a challenge to the naming of it as chocolate. It does contain cocoa butter, though.

And given the average IQ of most american shoppers, I doubt that they would be able to grasp the concept of "Sweetened Cocoa Butter Solids" without the comparison to chocolate. You're in marketing -- you should get that.

White chocolate is "robust".

(When was the last time you saw a comment that was longer than the post that was being commented on?)

Hedy said...

The clouds opened and Charlton Heston (rest his soul) said: "There shall be but one true chocolate, and that chocolate shall be Dark. Thou shalt have no other chocolates." Seriously, all other chocolates are false chocolates. What's worse, white chocolate pretends to be the good stuff, but it is an evil impersonator. Evil, in this case, is most definitely pronounced "eeee-VIL". Pos: As for what to call white chocolate so that American shoppers won't be confused, I vote for the brand name Satan's Own. This brand also carries rice pudding (another false dessert) and of course, black licorice. Hallelujah!

molly gras said...

Can I have an "Amen" ...


Posolxstvo said...

Wait. White is evil?! Dark is good? All those years, my bible studies and the good folks at Bob Jones University told me the exact opposite.

What the hell can I believe in anymore?!