Monday, April 21, 2008

Calling Pennsylvania

Say what you will about Obama.

But when it comes to the whole campaign fund raising + volunteer thing, he's just slick. Slick in a good way, not the Willy way.

His wife Michelle sent out an e-mail Saturday morning asking volunteers to help make calls into Pennsylvania in advance of the primary.

No, I don't believe it was actually his wife who sent out the e-mail, but it worked and that's the only thing that matters.

Within five minutes of receiving her message, voila, I was actually making calls. Once you're registered (I already was), Obama's web site provides you with a list of names/numbers to call, a detailed script, and tips.

Unfortunately the only thing that got me through my list of 25 registered voters was the idea of actually reaching Pos or Molly on the phone. Here's the tally:

7 wrong numbers (4 within the first 10 minutes)
12 voice mail messages
2 busy signals
1 “She’s tired of getting phone calls.”
1 “No, not right now.”

And only two live people. Two.

Of 25 calls, I actually spoke with two people.

What's more depressing, they were both women and hardcore Hillary supporters.

You're not supposed to waste any time once you've identified a hardcore Hillary-head, according to the script. You're supposed to say "Thank you, have a great day, and good luck pulling your head out of your ass."

I made up that last part.

Confession: I did deviate slightly from the script with the two Hillary supporters, only because I'd never actually spoken with someone who plans on voting for her.

"I'm voting for Hillary," says Julia.

"May I ask why?" says Hedy in her friendly/curious tone.

"Sure," she says. "It's because of her experience and I just don't know enough about Obama. Can I ask why you're voting for him?"

"Sure," I say and give her all the reasons I've given you a hundred times before. Not politics as usual, works for the people, doesn't take money from PACs or big oil, and knows how to shake his ass.

Then there was Brenda.

"May I ask why you're voting for Hillary?"

"Because I prefer her."


"Okay, then. Thank you and have a great day."

And good luck pulling your . . .oh, never mind.
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the dilf said...

I have a question...since you'll do anything that anyone emails you to do...IF I send you an email asking you to do something, will you do it? ......GREAT!

All I ask is that you call me ...and talk D*rty to me. I'll pay $.25/minute and I promise to answer...I won't hang up....and I'll tell you I'll vote for Obama.

Posolxstvo said...

I assume that your list consisted of registered Democrats. Sorry, you won't find us on that list. (We'd have welcomed the call, nonetheless, so if you have some minutes left on that calling card they gave you ... :)) Molly and I are both registered independents. I used to be registered as a Libertarian, but then saw the irony in "belonging" to a Libertarian party, and changed back.

Molly may have been a Dem at some point in her storied past, but not in this state. As far as I know.

Hedy said...

Dilf: My current rate is $50 a minute. No discounts. No coupons. Democrats and Libertarians only.

Hedy said...

Pos - Yes, I believe so, registered Democrats only. 946 and 949 pre-fixes. Can't wait to see how this thing shakes out in your state. :)

molly gras said...

Aw rats, Hedy!! Like the lottery, them there numbers ain't mine!

Dave said...

People have phone numbers that anyone can call, and that are on a database? And someone answered the phone? I've spent my life guarding against that. Cuts into my business, but so be it.

Dilf, we have an opening offer and a counter offer. Your turn.

Susan said...

I got it - let's vote DILF in for President - with that enterperneurial mind of his - he will have us out of this "non-recession" lickety-split!

right-wingers will have a fit