Friday, April 18, 2008

So now

"So now that you're unemployed maybe you could walk Max? Clean up his poop?" says You Know Who.

"Of course." I say.

"But you never clean up the poop at home," says Jim.

"I'm not getting paid for it."
I am listening to: O.A.R. - Madison Square Garden
I am reading: That bitch from Scotland whatshername
And I am: Laughing


Posolxstvo said...

You're going to drive all the way to Philadelphia just to help out Mrs. P and me? I wasn't in on salary negotiations. What are we paying for that honor?

Or (and I know how crazy this is going to sound), do you know of ANOTHER dog named Max?

Dave said...

Max? I thought he lived in Philly. What happened to Gommit?

Hedy said...

Unbelievably, we have another dog named Max in our lives, for whom I will be picking up poop apparently. But he wasn't the first Max - Max Pos will always be first. :)

molly gras said...

Shush, honey! Hedy was totally prepared to do us the pooper-scooper honor -- now get back to those salary negeotiations, dammit, and bring my Chicago-dog-loving friend out here!!