Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lights out

"I really wish we had one more Malibu light for that garden," says Jim. "They were on clearance at Home Depot and you can't get that kind any more."

"Why don't you take one of the lights from by the deck and move it over there," I say. "See? Problem solved. What would you do without me?"

"He wouldn't be worried about lights anymore, I can tell you that," says neighbor Willy.
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This has nothing to do with your garden post, except perhaps to shed more light on the presidential race...

Did you know that God had one of his followers mention Hilary(is it one L, or two?) in the Bible?

Yes, it's true, Matthew did. The verse reads:

"What good will it be if a woman gains the whole world, and loses her soul?
Matthew 16:26

See even then,they just knew.

Happy Sabbath.

the dilf said...

Hey...I'm reading the Palm Isle too.
He's got issues!

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose Jim wants to light the garden because he suspects I'm causing trouble in there? What the…

I don't mean to be defensive but clearly any problems in the garden are weasel and gopher problems right?

Just for the record I did scoot through the garden one time. But I was simply shooing a pesky raccoon. So that would explain any paw prints.

Actually none of this would have happened if Jim weren't so cheap. Always, buying clearance items... what does he expect? Stupid garden... if anybody finds anything buried in there... it wasn't... I wasn’t…

Sheesh... anyway Hedy, thanks for suggesting he just move the stupid malibu light. That was very clever. Beauty and brains... one of a kind I tell ya... one of a kind... what a... stupid garden... it wasn't me.... they got no proof... I didn't bury nothin'... forget it... I'm not saying nothing else! You want answers... go talk to the man. The answer man. Maybe he's got some answers for you... but I'm not sayin nothin!

Hrumph... aahhem... I'll be in the pool if anyone is looking for me.