Monday, April 07, 2008

From an e-mail I sent to a co-worker today

With all the names/places experg...expirg...DELETED to protect the innocent:

I’ve been contacting [the president of ] a large trader's group in [major western city] since I started here – sending e-mails & voice mails at least once a month, usually more often – trying to get them to let us sponsor and present at one of their events. We're offering to pay for the room/food/bev in exchange for doing an hour-long presentation on our product.

Never once got a response.

On Friday, a competitor that I met at the New York show told me he was heading to [major western city] to do a presentation for the same group I've been trying to contact, so I said “HEY – ask [the president] why he's not responding to me, would ya please?”

Here’s the IM from today:

Heather: what did he say?
Paul: well...picture this
Paul: sitting at a table with 15 of these [city] people
Paul: when I bring up your name
Paul: and [my company]
Paul: so they were using [my software]
Paul: and they loved the platform
Paul: but they said the owner was a real dick
Heather: that would be my boss
Paul: they left [my company] due to him
Heather: amazing
I am listening to: Bloody Mary Morning - Willie Nelson
I am reading: Lemonade, a short story by Maxine Clair
And I am: Not surprised, oddly enough


the dilf said...

ok...I know switching jobs makes you crazy, but if the writing isn't on the wall yet?????

Companies with Moron managers....GO AWAY! It will only be a matter of time. I feel like you're an "A" player, playing for a "D" team.

Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't a little independent confirmation feel great? And sadly, at the same time, it's going to personally slow you down.


Susan said...

As I forever tell my kids - you ARE who you hang with.

You are hanging with the wrong crowd!


Posolxstvo said...

does Paul's company have any open positions in Chicago?

"expurgated" (don't you just hate know-it-all show-offs?)

Hedy said...

Hey Pos, yep, Paul already has my resume. Sadly, his firm is family owned and we are waiting on the current marketing chick (and daughter of the owner) to depart due to pregnancy.

Posolxstvo said...

Is this pregnancy in the works already, or are you lining up studs to (ahem) take care of that?

I personally am not in the running, even if she looks like a cross between {insert obligatory hot chick here} and {insert other hot and slightly slutty chick here}, as I am 1. happily married and 2. fixed.


Hedy said...

Apparently the pregnancy is already in the works, but thanks for (not) volunteering to help out. I dunno anymore - after today, I am convinced this entire industry is made up of ruthless, unethical assholes. Time to go.

Posolxstvo said...

Sorry to hear you had a crap day.

Kind of makes you pine for the days when you were merely dealing with incomptents in IT, I imagine.

I mean, we're slobs and goof ups, and sometimes a bit surly, but we're generally not jerkfaces.