Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paging Mike Hunt

“Um, Heather? There's a Craven Morehead on the phone for you want to take the call?"

That’s a co-worker via intercom Friday afternoon.

Of course I laugh.

There’s a customer whose last name is Morehead. So, logically, Craven got added to the list with Heywood Jablome and Ben Dover and Dick Gozinya and Phil McCracken.

"Are you gonna take this call or what?" he says insistently.

I assume there’s a real caller waiting.

"Seriously, who is Craven Morehead, really?" I say.

"Apparently YOU ARE!"


Still can’t believe I fell for that one.
I am listening to: More Than This – Roxy Music
I am reading: Not much
And I am: Still laughing


the dilf said...

Richard Gobbler and Richard Taster always call for me

Posolxstvo said...

I can be a bit daft at times, but to my way of thinking, Craven Morehead should oughta be a guys name.

fm said...


You fall for 'anything', anytime, anyplace. *sheesh*

really funny though.