Monday, April 28, 2008

An orgasm is a terrible thing to waste

A German survey has found that educated women are less fun in the sack. At least that's what the headline says:

Clever girls have bad sex.

In the study, 62 percent of women who had completed their education said they often had problems achieving orgasm. Only 38 percent of women with a lower educational qualification said they had such problems.


Of course the survey makes no mention of how these women are (or aren't) managing to achieve the Great and Powerful O.

But it seems like this study is more of an indictment on educated German men than their thinky little Frauleins, ja?
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Susan said...

I actually have a long-time married, college-educated friend who, now in her 50's, has NEVER experienced the Big Oprah!

Having sex without ever Oprahing - not in my wildest dream.

i like to scream

the dilf said...

Hey Susie,

Sounds like she's either with the wrong man..or the wrong toy!

And Hedy...there should be a survey on How many women have "faked" it. I almost did..once...but that 10 seconds flew by!

Hedy said...

Um, Dilf? 100% of women have faked it at some point. No survey needed.