Thursday, April 17, 2008

Better days

Mom says she can hear it in my voice.

Things are better already.

I am officially unemployed again. But this time, it's just...FABULOUS.
I am listening to: Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days
I am reading: Mary Queen of Scotland and the Hoo Ha by Margaret George
And I am: Smiling


you know who... said...

With everything you know about being unemployed, maybe you should write Rap songs instead of wasting your time on this blog....

Hedy said...

Yes. That's exactly what we need. Angry, disenfranchised white people music. Word.

Dave said...

Well damn. Enjoy the coming spring. I'm jealous.

Dave said...

Agh! I forgot the last sentence: "I don't think I can fire myself."

the dilf said...

I would like if you got a job in the Clean Tech biz....then hire me!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes... work... that dirty four letter word! Now I can see more of you.
Let's go pee on Jims socks!

Anonymous said...

It's true. I can hear it in your voice. I don't have to see you in person to know that your stress level has gone from a billion to zero in a matter of hours, and this makes me oh so happy. Love you Hedy.

Posolxstvo said...

two words...

Journalism School


Posolxstvo said...

(rant on)

For leaving comments, why you moderate AND make us type nonsense text? Isn't one or the other sufficient?


Tired of typing Turing tests on my iPhone

(rant off)

Hedy said...

Pos! I'm sorry - I had no idea that word verification crap was on. It is now off. So, yay, rants actually work! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your recent job loss! Did you get a chance to poop on his desk before you left?


Posolxstvo said...

I feel so empowered!


Screw em, they don't deserve you either!


:) Bob.
Says hi!