Friday, April 18, 2008

He gets my jokes

We three are on the back porch before dinner yesterday, soaking up the early Spring sun.

I'm finishing up a glass of water and trying to read about Mary Queen of Scots. Jim is smoking a cigar and yapping about yard projects.

Out of the Blue, Gromit begins barking because a) the neighbor's dog is barking, b) the neighbor's child is outside, c) the neighbor is outside, or d) all of the above, plus the fact that he happens to be OUTSIDE and that's just what he does.

In an effort to shut him up, I say "Grommie, you want some water?" and offer him my empty cup.


Gromit will deign to sip from his bowl if he has to, but he prefers fresh water from a cup.


Shaddap. If you ever met Gromit, you'd let him sip out of your cup, too. Seriously. He is one charming-ass dog.


As expected, the cup gets his attention and he walks over, well, expectantly. He sticks his snout in the cup and - surprise - no water.

It is at this point I swear he looks up at me with that classic "Ah, ya got me" look and LAUGHS RIGHT OUT LOUD. He opened his mouth and exhaled, just like a laugh, and his tail started wagging like mad.

So there ya go. I may be unemployed but at least I can make the dog laugh.

That's something, eh?
I am listening to: Frogs out in the pond, birds out in the trees
I am reading: Mary Queen of Scotland by Margaret George
And I am: Really happy


Anonymous said...

Dog's rarely laugh but as you noted it has been known to happen. And your whole, drink from the empty cup schtick, was pretty clever I must say. And your delight in my laughing makes it all worthwhile.
But FYI, I occasionally play my own shinnanigans too. You wanna see me really laugh? Watch me the next time Jim puts his beer down to light his cigar. Let's just say it will be a skosh more full when he picks it up again. I love that guy... tickles me pink!
Hey, lets take a nap this afternoon.

Hedy said...

A nap. Good idea, Grom. I like the way you think.

Posolxstvo said...

I have decided that you have moral imperative to write a book about G-dawg. Blow that Grogan guy and his pansified Marley and Me right outta the flippin' water.

Cause Gromit rocks!

Hedy said...

Ya know, I tried reading Marley and Me and it was...extremely boring. I kept thinking I could've written this, only way better with Gromit as co-author of course. He'd settle for nothing less.