Friday, April 25, 2008

You poor, put-upon white person

It happens every few months.

A message hits my in box with the subject 'Proud to be White' or something equally ridiculous.

It rants about how 'THEY' have the United Negro College Fund and 'THEY' have Black Entertainment Television and 'THEY' have Martin Luther King Day and claims that if 'WE' had White Pride Day or the White Entertainment Network, then 'WE' would be racists.

You poor, put-upon white person.

I hate to tell you this, but you don't need a special holiday or TV station.

If you believe the crap in that e-mail, you're already a racist.

You want your own TV station? Really? Try NBC, CBS and ABC. And CNN and MSNBC and Fox News. And HBO and Showtime, too.

You really feel you need your own holiday? Because Christmas and Easter and Good Friday and President's Day and Labor Day and Memorial Day and the Fourth of July and Columbus Day and St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving just aren't enough?

You want to march for your race and your rights? Do it. C'mon. You'll send out an e-mail claiming white people need a march, but let's see you cowboy up and join those hateful idiots in the Ku Klux Klan. Just be sure to wear your sheet because God knows you wouldn't want anyone to identify you.

You've suffered needlessly. Your life is obviously worse because of all these organizations designed to help minorities. I feel so sorry for you, you poor white person.

Get a fucking grip, people.

If you're white and your life sucks -- it ain't because of some minority college in Georgia. And it sure as hell ain't because of Martin Luther King.

Your life sucks because you're a small-minded dumbass who made bad decisions that you're trying to blame on others.

And if - as I suspect - your life as a white, middle class American hasn't really sucked that much at all then SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TRY TO SHOW SOME GRATITUDE FOR HOW MUCH EASIER YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T BORN WITH BROWN SKIN.
I am listening to: Jack's Mannequin - Bruised
I am reading: No more of these hateful e-mails
And I am: Sick & tired of angry white people


molly gras said...

Hedy - are we sisters?! Really, I mean it, were we seperated at birth?

The majority of my Southern, white trash family is terribly racist/bigoted (i.e.: big reason I left Dodge). To this day I feel more than little bit uncomfortable when having to engage in conversations with them when the topic strays from LSU football/eating crawfish/the weather.

I like it up North SO much better!

the dilf said...

Oh's Friday Hedy and all of your employed friends need to end the week on a good note! We look to you for Cheer...and Joy and Happiness....and p*nis stories...and thoughts of your hero, Obama...and your history as a nun..and...and great big b**b stories...mike hunt...and your awesome days off..and your fictitious lover, steinberg....train rides...and your boyfriend hillary...and the 12 hrs of sleep a night your getting, while we're here at work, HATING IT!

Hedy said...

Molly - yes, I believe we may have been seperated at birth. You'd be surprised though - there are plenty of racist idiots here up north, too.

Dilf - Thanks for making laugh out loud. Hilarious. I'll try to post something cheerful for Monday.

Susan said...

Let's see a show of hands in support of Dilf writing his own blog....

I, for one...can't wait.


molly gras said...

[raising my hand]

I, on the other hand, would be terribly afraid ...


Posolxstvo said...

Because I think that the best way to show support of my fellow bloggers is to draw attention to myself and how smart I am, I felt the need to share with you the response I sent to a friend the last time I received one of these emails...


Every day in the average school room in America is white heritage day. Read a book called Lies My Teacher Told Me for a plethora of examples.

For a long time, every college in America was all white. Especially in the south.

Whoever wrote this was a bit myopic and a lot defensive and a lot misinformed.

There may be a certain amount of reverse discrimination today, and perhaps affirmative action does some harm, but please don’t go around acting like “whitey” has it so bad in this country.

100 years ago, we were saying the same things about the Irish. Why aren’t you bitching about the St. Patrick’s Day parade? Same thing – Irish pride. Mummers parade was the same thing for Swedes. Used to be we could tell us Caucasians apart and we would discriminate amongst ourselves. Now, not so much anymore. What changed?

Think about it…"

Anonymous said...

Hedy - This comment was supposed to go here with this post... you put it in the penis post area... FYI

Ah heck Hedy. Don't let them get to ya. There was, is now, and always will be, ignorant people… there’s just no getting around it really. Why, I’ll bet that most of those people don’t even know they are racist. I’ll bet if you asked, most of them they would say they even have a black friend!

Truthfully, I get riled myself when I see ignorance parading itself around as righteousness. And this whole “pride” thing. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t “pride” one of the seven deadly sins?

The next time you get one of those emails just hit the old delete button. After all, why let the haters get to ya? Don’t get me wrong, I like your spunk and I like it that you’re not afraid to tell it like it is… but be careful to not let their hate infect you.

I guess it just gets to me when you get so worked up.

That said, keep fighting, give them hell, and most of all… never let a day go by!

Ohh… a CAT!!! Frickin’ prideful varmints… late.


Hedy said...

Thanks, everybody. Especially Pos and Gromit this time.

Pos: Outstanding, thank you. I like to remind people that the Irish were made out to be cavemen/gorillas way back when that wave of immigration occurred. Italians got it for a while, too. But now we're all just "white".

Gromit: Thank you so much for taking time out between naps and barking and licking various parts of your body to contribute here. It's about time. Keep 'em coming. :)

phatdoggy said...

I found this week that my lack of brown skin may be holding me back. I was told by a customer that I'm not black enough. What's next???